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Telnet to the MagickaBBS at tinysbbs.com:2023
Web access to Echomail

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Tiny's CGI Wall of Babble Version 1.5 Tiny's Wall of Babble
Name Babble
Rorer314 thanks for keeping this up!
Strafe I don't miss the busy signals.
Lobster This brings back so many memories ^_^
T1ny Thanks guys. The BBS is still running too! :
Tursu T1ny
Robert Nelson Hello, from KS, on Android!
Shawn Highfield Welcome!
James Theres a BBS too?!!
KEREL hello
Djatropine a ton of door games here :D *LOVE*
Shawn Highfield a METRIC ton of them! ;)
EvilSage I can't believe it still lives! I used to spend so much time
Meatlotion Hello from The Quantum Wormhole @ bbs.erb.pw
Dancer greetings from a former ezycom sysop
T1ny Ezycom is still rocking away!!!
dancer Can't login anymore since i tried TradeWars (which ended in
Harris This takes me back to the late 80s - 90s
Shawn Highfield The 80's and 90's rocked! ;)

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