TieQuote v0.1 ...I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.


TieBundy v0.1 ..."Kids, why didn't you tell me it was mom's birthday. I wouldn't have come home." - Al Bundy

Tiny's CGI Wall of Babble Version 1.5 Tiny's Wall of Babble
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Shawn Highfield it is COLD as hell here. What about you?
jahmas It warmed up to 40 today but will go down to 0 again tom
Kalarak Are bbs ads allowed here? Whatever... punktheon.darktech.org
Shawn Highfield If it's a stock synchronet / mystic I'll delete it. ;)
T1ny Back online. Hating computers.
Underminer Glad to see you back online! Anything I can offer to help?
T1ny Thanks for the offer!
Hoy Brothers My grandson set my ringtone to a modem sound. Smartalec!
Daniel Davis my attempt at greatness! blathers.darktech.org
mro hey kids
Octavo PVM IS BACK dudes.. pouet.net/prod.php?which=65935
Buttersworth I can't believe a BBS still exists. Especially in Oshawa! Ri
T1ny Since the '80's sometime. ;)
Jiffy Goodwill hunting
Top Arthur Stark is back running a BBS, and yes.. Under OS/2 (ec
Shooit I enjoy pizza
Harlequin Oh the nostalgia. Used to frequent this place in the 90s
Skirmish101@gmail.com Greetz from Spokane, Was

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