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Tiny's CGI Wall of Babble Version 1.5 Tiny's Wall of Babble
Name Babble
T1ny WOW. I HATE my job!!!!
T1ny Even though I'm broke I got a Six pack of beer!
Varsuchi Whats up
Varsuchi corinth.synchro.net
lesser keys This is a nice feature for the webpage, I would like to have
T1ny 10I'm packaging this version in the next few days!
lux This looks like more of that T1ny software. :D
T1ny Just updated with a table that's it. ;)
squid now for my next victom
Redjack I like this unique BBS software
cooldude after some illegal porn
David Savary Hello Canada, do you want your snow back?
Ogg Just chekin to see what Tiny's is up to these days..
Jim Haight How is the weather up there?
Shawn Highfield it is COLD as hell here. What about you?
jahmas It warmed up to 40 today but will go down to 0 again tom
Kalarak Are bbs ads allowed here? Whatever... punktheon.darktech.org
Shawn Highfield If it's a stock synchronet / mystic I'll delete it. ;)

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