Ezycom BBS Support
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Ezycom is a shareware Bulletin Board System (BBS) program, first introduced for MS-DOS by Peter Davies in 1991. It is still under active development by the Ezycom Support and Development Team.

The current version of Ezycom is v2.15g2.
Ezycom supports several features that make it "easy" to use (hence the name) including: multi-node operation (up to 255 nodes depending on license type), network and multitasker support, Fidonet-compatible message base, built-in echomail and netmail tossers, built-in file transfer protocols and QWK/Blue Wave offline mail support (including offline netmail support). Ezycom is being used with the Windows, OS/2 and eComStation operating systems with success.
Ezycom comes with a complete set of default menus to allow you to install your BBS and login after a minimal amount of configuration. You can also create your own set of menus and ANSI/ASCII screens allowing you to customize your system, making it completely distinct from any other Ezycom BBS.
One of Ezycom's most powerful features is its ability to interact with Fidonet Technology Networks (FTN). The Fidonet concept was invented by Tom Jennings around May 1984 as a way to connect many BBS's together so that they could exchange electronic mail. His original concept with the help of many other BBS community notables has developed today into a solid and mostly reliable way of exchanging mail between BBS's. The network in which the technology began, Fidonet, now has over 8,000 member systems around the world. There are also literally thousands of other networks run by different groups using the same technology which are often referred to as 'othernets'.
Ezycom has also been tested with Telnet servers such as GameSrv and Net2BBS, allowing you to create a system accessible to the entire web-based community. You can also combine this option with your dial-up service to expand your user-base.
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