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BDBUL101.ZIP 38654 Jun-05-2007 BDBull Version 1.00 by Stewart Honsberger
with fix by Shawn Highfield (Including
Pascal source code) to repair the no longer
working links created in bulletins.
Created both MECCA and HTML bulleting for
your Maximus BBS. Os/2, dos, Win32.
BFCON2V1.ZIP 16046 Oct-01-2007 BFConnect for OS/2. ver 1.00
This is a BFConnect client for OS/2.
Used for connecting to the great live
BBS list at www.bbsfinder.com
Freeware by Shawn Highfield
BFCON2V2.ZIP 15588 Oct-02-2012 BFConnect for OS/2. ver 1.1
This is a BFConnect client for OS/2.
Used for connecting to the great live
BBS list at www.bbsfinder.net
Freeware by Shawn Highfield
EZYWHO1.ZIP 27736 Jan-26-2015 EzyWhoCGI v0.02 for Win32 or OS/2
Display Today's and Yesterday's Callers
from Ezycom on your Webpage. Pascal
source code included.
Freeware by Shawn Highfield in 2015.
ICHTWNS1.ZIP 2009 Jul-25-2008 Launch Icechat as your Sysop chat
program. No more plain jain sysop/
user chatting. **FREEWARE**
Includes WCBasic Source code.
OEDIT99K.ZIP 363317 Apr-11-2011 컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴
넷魄 Open!EDIT Version 0.99k 넷魄
Open!EDIT's full screen on-line message
editor, offering taglines, censoring,
spellchecker, custom colours & screens
user setups & sigs, quoting, bad user
handling, color setup, import, export
OLMR support, language support,
quote fix, phrase expand, text filters,
& more! Runs FAST!
Works w/anyMSGTMP typeBBS,
Freeware by Shawn Highfield 04/11/2011,
Final Beta version 5. Please comment!
PICKED02.ZIP 40624 Jan-07-2015 Pick n' Edit - Ver 0.2 Jan 7 2015
Allow your BBS users the choice of up
to 5 editors on an Ezycom BBS. (Or any
BBS really). **FREEWARE** Pascal source
code is included.
SEDIT1~1.ZIP 453786 Aug-03-2019 SabreEDIT Version 1.72a
SabreTech Software's full screen on-
line message editor, offering taglines,
censoring, spellchecker, custom colors
& screens, user setups & sigs, quoting,
bad user handling,colour setup, import,
export, OLMR support,language support,
quote fix, phrase expand, text filters,
& more! Runs FAST! under OS/2 & Win95.
Works w/any MSGTMP type BBS, with extra
features available for Concord, EzyCom,
QuickBBS, RA, and RA v2.50.
*******EMAIL FOR FREE KEY!!!***********
T1LINER3.ZIP 90550 Jan-09-2011 1Linerz Version 1.2
This door will connect to the global
onelinerz database run by bbs-scene.org
to display oneliners.
Please create an account there first!
DOS, Win32, Source code.
Door, and Web version included.
Freeware by Shawn Highfield 01/09/2011
TADOPT1.ZIP 37953 May-13-2007 Tiny's Adopt a Door V1.0
The best Adopt a door around!
Fully configurable, with both
LORD and Pipe Colour codes!
Freeware, DOS & OS/2 Versions
TBUNDY1.ZIP 30660 May-28-2013 TieBundy v0.1
Display a random quote from the married with children
TV show by a member of the Bundy family.
Compiled version for Win32, OS/2, and Linux
Freeware with pascal source.
TCWIN2.ZIP 7959 Jan-16-2009 Last Ten Callers for WIN Server. Jan 16 2009
Display the last 10 callers, and some
other stats to your users. **FREEWARE**
Includes WCBasic Source code.
TDIZ01.ZIP 7812 Dec-04-2007 Tdiz version 0.01
DOS Program that will extract the file_id.diz
from a zip file and automagicaly add it to your
files.bbs. I wrote this for use with an old
version of febbs and MFM.
Pascal source code included.
THANG23B.ZIP 168383 Dec-18-2007 Tiny's Hang-Man Ver 2.3b
**Freeware** Dec 15 2007
The BEST hangman door!
Many bug fixes & features.
Win32, OS/2, DOS, Linux Versions.
TIESLH1.ZIP 2921 Nov-10-2008 Slash Menu for WIN Server.
Add a / menu to your WINserver Telnet
side for quick commands a la the art
boards of the 90's. **FREEWARE**
Includes WCBasic Source code.
TJAMCGI1.ZIP 48340 Jul-23-2007 Tiny's JAMNNTPD Cgi v 0.04
Allows your users to automagically add
themselves to your jamnntpd.users file.
Freeware, pascal source code included, as
well as binaries for OS/2, Win32, and Linux.
TLST10A.ZIP 80707 Jan-09-2011 Last Ten Callers Version 1.0
Display the last ten callers to your gamesrv
BBS as a door, and on the web.
Freeware by Shawn Highfield 01/09/2011
With Source code!
TMAXREP3.ZIP 74174 Jul-31-2007 MaxRep Version 0.3
Get's around the problem of running a
Maximus/2 BBS and your users using
Mtel for Windows. There is a bug in maximus
that causes it to trap. This should help!
July 31 2007. / **FREEWARE, with source!**
TMHIST12.ZIP 101978 Jun-14-2007 Tiny's MailHistory Ver 1.2
**Freeware** June 14 2007
Mailer History door. Show
your users, mailer history.
Win32, OS/2, Dos, Linux Versions.
Pascal Source Included
TPOLICY1.ZIP 32039 Sep-12-2010 TPolicy Server v1.10
Flash policy server for both OS/2 and
Win32. Great for use with Ftelnet or
Flashterm if you are a BBS sysop. Very
small memory and file size! Console mode.
**FREEWARE** Sep 12 2010.
TPORT1.ZIP 31235 Nov-16-2007 TPort Answer v1.0
Very small deamon that will answer
a port and send a 5 line message.
for OS/2 or Win32. Freeware.
Great for BBS sysop's who are changing
software or experienced a crash.
TQUOTE1.ZIP 27115 Apr-17-2009 Tiequote v0.2
Display a random
tagline on your
website. Freeware
with pascal source.
TWALL21.ZIP 392020 Jun-30-2007 Tiny's Wall of Babble v2.1
Graffiti wall for your Dos,
OS/2, or Win32 BBS. Also
includes CGI version for use
on your website.
*Freeware June 30 2007*

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