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2. Setting up SBBSECHO

2.1 Running ECHOCFG

To setup SBBSECHO, (the program that tosses the mail between Synchronet and
the Argus Mailer) you need to invoke the following command line in a DOS box
from within the C:\SBBS\EXEC\ directory.
Not that it really needs repeating, but be sure to insert your drive/path
as necessary.
Upon invoking this command, you will be presented with a screen similar
to Figure 10.

 Figure 10.
Make sure the first option, Mailer Type is set to Binkley/FLO.
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2.2 Nodes Setup

Now go to Nodes...  Here you will add 1:229/2000 by pressing the INSert key.
For setup here, refer to Figure 11 below.  [ Note:  Change 1:229/2000 in all cases for the
Hub system you have been assigned. ]

Figure 11.
Address:  1:229/2000
AreaFix Password: PASSWORD -- This is the password that you 
		will use on my system.  It is case sensitive.   [password is 
		not the same as PASSWORD ]  You will need to mail 
		his password along with a session password for Argus  to your 
		assigned Hub.  Discussed later in the Argus Setup section.)  
		If you wish to use a packet password, you may also send that as 
		well although there really is no need for it.
Status:  None
Direct:  Yes
Route To:  1:229/2000

You will repeat INSerting nodes as below.
For all these addresses Direct will be No.
There is no password for these entries.

Address :  1:ALL
Route To:  1:229/2000

Address :  2:ALL
Route To:  1:229/2000

Address :  3:ALL
Route To:  1:229/2000

Address :  4:ALL
Route To:  1:229/2000

Address :  5:ALL
Route To:  1:229/2000

Address :  6:ALL
Route To:  1:229/2000
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2.3 Paths and Filenames

Refer to Figure 12 below for path configuration.  Again, be sure to substitute
your SBBS directory (C:\SBBS\) for the first part of the path.  The \ARGUS\INSEC\
and \ARGUS\OUT\ need to remain the same.  You can place any path and filename for
the Log File that you want.  [ Note:  At all times make sure you substitute the correct path
wherever paths are required.]

Figure 12.
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2.4 Toggle Options

Refer to Figure 13 below for options.

Figure 13.
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2.5 Archive Programs

The only archive program in use here is ZIP.  Refer to Figure 14 for details.

Figure 14.
Be sure to have PKZIP.EXE and PKUNZIP.EXE in your C:\SBBS\EXEC\ directory!
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