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Happy New Year!

 7:39am Tue,  1 Jan 2019
by Tiny

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  With luck this pi keeps going until I can move things to linux/64 LOL I've only been saying that for a year!

Editor fix / Downtime

 7:28am Sun, 28 Oct 2018
by Tiny

Pesky script file was kicking my ass with the editor.  Funny how an uppercase E can remain hidden until you paste the path from another window.

Anyway, in the next couple of weeks there will be some downtime as the internet connection at Mr. Brackets house is upgraded to some sort of fibre optic stuff.

Changes I hope.

 7:05am Sat,  1 Sep 2018
by Tiny

Hoping to make changes again soon.  Webside needs updating, as well as I want to move the BBS to the linux VM and away from the pi just so I can more easily get the dos based doors working.


 4:55am Tue, 27 Feb 2018
by Tiny

I /think/ this should be used for the newsletter instead of the old program I've used for years.  

When I save this I'll know. ;)  To start I will probably just use both for a bit and see how that works out.

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